24 April 2018


Good rehearsal last night with Triad.

The day after the King’s Chapel concert, I drew up a new piece for my handbell choir, to be played with mallets (though, there is no reason it cannot be rung, instead).  Oh, and there is an optional drum part.  We had quite a bit of fun (combined with learning labors) working on this after the service Sunday.

(This MIDI demo uses other timbres, nota bene.)

23 April 2018

Three Miniatures

Pieces which are both musically satisfying for seasoned musicians, and within the technical reach of students.  While at work on them, composer Mark Gresham wrote that part of his design was, that the pieces would work in more than one scoring.

22 April 2018

Such dreams as are dreamt beneath ice

We opened Tuesday’s program at King’s Chapel with Avrohom Leichtling’s Bárðarbunga dreymir undir ísnum (Bárðarbunga dreams beneth the ice).

16 April 2018

The schlepping

With thanks to a courteous and most helpful MBTA chap at Alewife, who assisted me in reassembling my cart after it slouched apart at the base of an escalator—the last of the non-instrument gear has been brought to King’s Chapel.

The day is turning out something of a (figurative, only figurative) marathon.

I am hieing me towards lunch.

Final prep

The rain is on and off, so there is a chance I may be able to schlep the hardware to King’s Chapel without getting too soggy.

I’ve folded the programs now, and there is no reason I should have done so any earlier.

My plan is to deliver the gear to the Chapel soonish after they open, to have the more free time between that errand, and collecting composer Mark Gresham at Logan Airport.

We have somehow accumulated additional logistical concerns for this concert, but all in the gratifying interests of serving some of my fellow composers.

Oh, and a Triad rehearsal this evening, as well.  On the whole, a day when I feel reasonably certain that, yes, I am a musician.

14 April 2018

Once again ...

... I lit a candle rather than curse the darkness.

Duet Done

Sometime late 2015 / early 2016, I began a clarinet/horn duet as part of the Op.137 pieces, the duet titled Considering My Bliss Options.  I left it in this unfinished state for better than two years;  but this morning, it is done.